Studies show that it works, and it works within 14 days.

What’s the active ingredient?

LIFELINE® Equine Performance Supplements are made with serum-based active ingredient BioThrive®, which contains important immune factors, immunoglobulins and bioactive proteins. BioThrive® is made using a process that preserves the biologically-active factors present in plasma.

What does it do?

Stress causes your horse’s immune system to spring into action which causes inflammation throughout the body. BioThrive® can help reduce the inflammation associated with normal stress and daily exercise, keeping your horse’s gut, joints and lungs healthy and feeling good.

Are there studies to prove it works?

  • Gut Health: A 2015 clinical study at Iowa State University conducted by Dr. Scott McClure has shown that horses dosed with LIFELINE Equine supplements maintained normal intestinal health during periods of stress as compared to horses dosed with a placebo. Read about it HERE.
  • Joint Health: A 2014 clinical study at Texas A&M University conducted by Josie Coverdale has shown that LIFELINE Equine supplements improved stride length and enhanced knee range of motion in stressed horses as measured by gait kinematics, which analyzes how horses move, walk and run by measuring joint movement. A follow-up study in 2015 confirmed these findings. Read about it HERE.
  • Other Species: In addition to these studies, APC, Inc. has more than 300 peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrating the benefits of serum-based ingredients. View a list of relevant studies HERE.