LIFELINE Testimonials

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This product is a must in being in competition. If you aren't using it you will be at a disadvantage, it is that noticible. We're a breeding farm and the horses on this product are the ones sold.

Judy Pryor, Pryor Ranch

As a 3-year old, my gelding started chewing up the wooden boards on his pasture fence - destroying them. I started giving LIFELINE to help with his stress level as he went into training. He developed amazing muscle tone and stopped chewing on the fence! Thank you for a wonderful product!


My old rope horse has greatly improved his weight and muscle size from using LIFELINE AgeWell.  He had lost a lot and was getting very sore until I put him on LIFELINE.  He is working much stronger from his hocks and has picked up quite a bit of speed. 

Jerry Byfield

I have thoroughbreds which I drive in powderpuff chuckwagon racing. My right-hand horse has been nicknamed "sh*# and shake" at the races because he stands and shakes from the time he leaves home until the race is over. I've had them on LIFELINE since February, and I have noticed they are driving more attentively. They were good before but now they are better than ever. My one horse always had a click in his back hip when he walked out of the stall. The chiropractor said it was just a ligament making that sound when it moved over the joint and not something to worry about. I no longer hear the click. The nervousness has greatly improved, which can only help not only mentally but stomach wise.  They seemed to be so much stronger during workouts, but I thought maybe I was just hoping and making myself to believe it. 

June Rieck

"My kill pen rescue horse came to me with a host of issues. After several vet treatments and farrier visits he was still losing weight, his feet were abscessing over and over, and his immune system was shot. He had very little interest in his grain.  Within the first month after trying LIFELINE Equine I saw huge improvements. He put on 50 pounds, his feet have rebounded significantly - the farrier (who was extremely doubtful initially) now regrets not taking before/after pictures, and even more importantly his immune system recovered. To everyone's surprise, Dodger is now sound, has an appetite, and boundless energy. No one at my barn had ever heard of LIFELINE, but they have nicknamed it "Dodger's Superman Pills".  The horse that nearly died after being rescued from the kill pen will compete in his first horse show next month."

Danielle Kinney
Danielle Kinney

After talking with a trainer about LIFELINE at a show last summer, I decided to try it. My trainer rolled his eyes when I carried one more supplement into the barn and asked to have it fed to my 17 year old Paint mare and show miniature. After two weeks, he called me at work to make sure I ordered the next month’s supply.  My paint mare filled out and looks ready for competition. My miniature has taken on a calmer attitude and is ready to do anything I ask. Our barn now has 8 horses using Elite and AgeWell, we can’t talk enough about the benefits of LIFELINE. 

Glenda Masteller

Before I started using LIFELINE Elite on my mare, her coat was in poor condition and she was becoming gate sour at barrel races. After about 2 weeks, she was starting to look better and feel even better while riding. I recently took her to a race and she was perfect; walked in the arena without a fight and recovered quickly after running. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Ashley Steele

I tried LIFELINE and my horse started scoring better, and we were placing at almost every team roping. When it ran out he would get nervous in the box and not score as well. We put him back on LIFELINE and he started scoring better and placing again.

Russell Alford

“Only ten days in and my horse looked like a totally different horse as my mare has a history of ulcers and has been doing so well on LIFELINE that I've taken her off Ulcergard completely...I'm ready to put all the horses in my barn on LIFELINE! This is good sh*t!

Jamie Stover, Kansas

I have noticed that my yearlings are keeping weight on easier, and they have a good bloom to them.

Shelli Eatwell

I had been ponying my barrel horse 4 miles (one mile trot, two gallop, last mile trot)  with my truck and the fastest he would go was about 17 mph. A few days after LIFELINE Equine he clocked 35mph!! I am very pleased with his stamina. 

Linnea Person

My barrel horse (Tigger, 20 years old and still running hard) is high energy and would get nervous approaching the pen. With LIFELINE Equine, he is now much more focused and less jittery.

Marlene Scarlett and Tigger

My senior mare took several weeks off because of extreme winter weather. Our first ride back it was like she hadn't missed a day - focused, willing, relaxed and minimal recovery time! She comes out of her stall feeling great and ready for her job.

Susanna B.

I was dealing with a stubborn mare who had lost her heart a little bit and once I gave her LIFELINE Elite, I saw a major difference!

Chelsea Glanz

"I have been using LIFELINE Elite on my cutting horses and see a major difference in their attitudes when in training as well as their overall health. They look great and feel better when I'm working them."

Ryan Denier, Animal Health International

"After putting our breeding horse and our yearling stud colt on LIFELINE, I see a dramatic difference in both horses.  Our breeding horse looks like he could go back in the show ring. He has gained weight, has a wonderful coat, and just looks wonderful.  The same with the yearling. He has put on weight, seems less anxious and is just in better order. I am telling my friends who own and show American Saddlebreds about this supplement, and I just ordered some for a three-year-old I have in training who is a hard keeper and has had ulcers."

Judy Werner, Winner of 2014 USEF Lifetime Achievement Award

"There isn't something singular you can pinpoint. It's an overall, complete healthy change. They recover quicker from their workouts, mentally and physically."

Travis & Meghan Mankins, Mankins Performance Horrses

"LIFELINE kept them happier, shinier and improved their overall recovery time and improved their endurance."


Sara Heeley, Heeley Pleasure Horses

“My horse counter canters more easily and I’ve noticed improved lead changes when we are training...he has more stamina and is looking better."

Jodie Pitcock

"Trixie has really high anxiety and has been hock sore on and off (I believe she is fusing). This combination can make her a little cold backed. Two weeks on LIFELINE and it was like I had a whole new horse. She's laid back, no bucking, and as far as I can see she hasn't been sore or needed injected. Her overall body condition is much nicer, as well.

Ashley Zimmerman

"After starting LIFELINE I was getting a response when I asked him to lift in the shoulders and drive from behind...naturally it improved his lope and pleasure, especially to the right which we had struggled with." 

Carey Wimer, M.D.

"I used LIFELINE for 30 days, my mare was more quiet, had increased stamina and her overall appearance was stellar! Love this product.” 

Courtney & Solo

"Both mares seemed to have added energy at the barrel race last weekend and one of them clocked her fastest run since we've owned her, so I was thrilled."

Jennifer Stephes

"My horse was focused and ready to go back to work as if we had never missed a day of riding...I’m excited to see what the summer brings us with LIFELINE." 

Jacci Houchins

"My mare is 4 years old and exercised at least 4 days per week...endurance has increased and she seems more energized in a controlled manner."

Courtney Malikowski

"I saw a difference in my gelding's performance and he seemed to look better and feel spunkier...had a bit more energy and gained more weight."

Megan Stark

"I used the 14 day sample on a gelding that I just started back running and this product did make him feel good and came out of his stall with a little more pep."

Kasidi Smart

LIFELINE has definitely made a difference in my mare's behavior, her gaits, gut and appearance.  I noticed changes 2 weeks after I started using it.  I highly recommend my husband said.....with results like this the product is well worth the expense. 

Pamela Riebock

"I've been giving LIFELINE Elite to my horse Snickers and it's amazing. Snickers hasn't missed a meal since I started her on it, hasn't been ulcerative since. Her topline has improved and she's less nervous. She's like a new horse!"

Rachel Harban

"My daughter, Addison, and her amazing horse, Mini Mes Mercedes, are working hard to prove themselves in the competitive world of Reined Cow Horse and since we have been giving him LIFELINE... he has the stamina to work hard, give Addison his all, and look good doing it."

Jennifer Fjelsted

My senior ulcerative barrel racing mare has always been a picky eater and a hard keeper. I found that when she started on LIFELINE her appetite turned around 100%. It's like having a brand new horse in the prime of life.


After using LIFELINE, we saw a huge difference in our 3-year-old cow horse. He had loose manure since we got him as a 2-year-old. We tried everything. Wow the difference!!! He has normal manure, riding better than ever, coat is shinier and just a brighter horse! We have always been supplement skeptic, however we are flat amazed. If we can give them every chance to succeed, then it makes our jobs easier.

Cody and Amy Marx

“My horse is extremely susceptible to ulcers and becomes hyper sensitive, grouchy, and is not fun to be around. I have noticed a huge difference using LIFELINE and he is so much calmer and so much more comfortable while saddling and riding him. I now have the horse I LOVE to be with again!!! Thank you LIFELINE!!!!” 


“Since we've had our performance horses on LIFELINE, I've been able to tell a definite difference; their gut health and utilization of feed is much better...I am a big believer.”


Monty Bruce, Monty Bruce Training Center

"I have an 18-year-old gelding, and he and I competed in reining for many years...he has been plagued with various ailments ranging from ulcers to back pain but when I started him on LIFELINE Agewell, he has started to get his old "spark" back with a feeling that I have under saddle that hasn't been there for a long time - a willingness to move out and round up under me again."

Leanna Whipple

For years I was fighting with all the struggles that come with competitive rodeo horses. Being a college rodeo student funds are very limited so options are pretty slim but I wanted the best for my horses with still being able to feed myself not just my horses so I needed something that actually works. LIFELINE has given me that and much more!!! My horses looked good but when in season they were healthy but on the thin side, a lot like race bred till now! My horses look like tanks! I feed less grain and my older horse the popping in his joint are gone! It was the best decision I've made and well worth my babies feeling there best! Only one supplement did that and that was LIFELINE! Extremely grateful for this product I highly recommend it to everyone serious about taking care of their equine athletes! 

Shea McGinnitey

I do hunter/jumpers with my mare and she is smaller than most of my competition. It is a challenge for us to make it down the lines in the appropriate numbers of strides because of this. Since being on LIFELINE, it is much easier for her to work off of her hindquarters and push for a longer stride. Overall she seems to have more energy and work ethic and we are getting a lot more accomplished with our rides.

Chelsea Sinclair

"I have been feeding LIFELINE Elite to my barrel horse since last season. Results were amazingly clear. She began to move more fluidly and her stride increased as well as her breathing improved during exercise and competition."

Sandy Hickey

"We've had our Calf Roping horse on LIFELINE Elite after he strained a ligament. After about a month on the product, our veterinarian coulld not believe the improvement in our horse in relation to soreness when flexed. The vet was impressed by what he saw. LIFELINE supplements are a game changer in my opinion. They are well worth the investment."

Kerry Jenkins, K & K Veterinary Supply

“I am a competitive barrel racer currently training a 3 year old "Doli", who is the horse I have chosen to use the product on and I have noticed improvement where she is not as sore, her general health and coat appearance stand out more, I can tell she feels good too!” 

Rachel Morris

“Our mare Merada Shine was stiff, sore, and even cinchy but since being on LIFELINE Equine Elite, she's moving more freely and is no longer cinchy."

Kurt and Erin Heim

"I am in love with LIFELINE! My dark bay horse is 19 now and has bad arthritis...before LIFELINE he had a hard time moving around but now he is moving around like a pro and has not shown any sign of being sore in his joints." 

Dakota Johnson

“I’ve seen less stiffness and soreness than usual."

Jeff C.

"We were able to notice the difference in my mare's joints and mobility in less than a week. I am a firm believer and I would recommend this product to anyone!" 

Taylor Punt

“We have not stopped buying it since for our All Around AQHA gelding who has navicular and ulcers - we love it and can see a huge difference!!!” 


"Since starting my performance horses on LIFELINE, I have noticed a difference in their flexibility and joint movement."

2013 MRA Finals Top 15 barrel racer

Lacey Huben

"I have a 12-year-old western pleasure gelding whom I wanted to help his joints and keeps his endurance up and I have noticed a huge difference. I LOVE LIFELINE AgeWell!"

Megan Punt

"This is an awesome product that helped with joints/aches on one of our older TB and it seemed to make him a bit more "spry" while we were asking him to help break a younger horse to drive."

White J Chuckwagon

“My 28 yr old horse is pigeon toed & has sore fetlocks, he is able to move freely without pain now.” 

Jan Myers

I had a horse that coughed once in awhile. Couldnt get a handle on why or when he would cough. My husband pointed out a LIFELINE ad on Chris Cox. I ordered and started giving it to my horse. I really watched to see if there was a difference in 14 days as LIFELINE claims. I was completely blown away when I could see a difference in 14 days. He stopped randomly coughing. Most supplements say you have to feed for 2 months to see any help making you buy at least 2 months before you decide if it helps. I absolutely love LIFELINE for my horse. 

Donna Grace Bereuter

After my mustang, Scruffy, and I returned from a Chris Cox clinic in Texas, the 4,000 mile trip brought out an underlying respiratory condition (inflammatory airway disease). Chris had recommended LIFELINE, so I gave it to my horse. It really helped, and in combination with keeping all hay in a separate barn, a powerwashed horse barn, and taking him to the beach for the salty air my horse improved enough to return to service.

Donna Alpaugh

Simply, LIFELINE Equine is insurance for my horse. She's protected against respiratory problems, gut issues and has added protection from the rigors of competition. This is a "must have" product!

Cheryl Magoteaux Cody

"I had a horse come in with a cough and it wouldn’t shake. I put him on LIFELINE and noticed his cough went away, and his stamina increased. I travel from show to show, and I do see a difference in overall health. I always have horses that are sick around my stalls at shows and we haven’t caught any of it. Plus, I don’t feel like they are stressed and I get a quick recovery, in everyday training and competing.  I like the condition LIFELINE keeps my horses in."

Gary Baumer, Gary Baumer Performance Horses

"I ran my horse this weekend without Lasix and he did not bleed! I never thought I would be able to get him off the Lasix. He ran great and recovered really fast after our run and didn't cough after like he has done in the past. I'm really excited that he is improving so much on LIFELINE!"

Melissa Howard

“One horse has a history of respiratory problems and I’ve noticed she is breathing much better.” 

Jeff C.

“Our buckskin/dun mare who is 11 has had problems with coughing and breathing and after we started her on LIFELINE we have not had one problem with it and she is more comfortable and happy now.” 

Dakota Johnson

“My horse felt and looked great even after just the 14 day trial and I could tell that he could breathe better after a run and was less likely to cough from him being a bleeder.” 


"After using LIFELINE my mares allergy type symptoms were very minimal...she would have a discharge from her eyes and coughing, after a week her symptoms were less."

Lori Gregoire

For my oldest performance horse gelding (17 yo), going to races and being in stalls causes a lot of stress. In the stall, his hind legs would swell up even after only one day! Once I started him on LIFELINE AgeWell, I noticed a significant decrease in the swelling. I also noticed improvement in his recovery time, muscle soreness, joints and overall appearance

Rachael M

"Ben, my 20-year-old thoroughbred gelding will frequently have formed manure, yet excessive liquid that may drip on his hind legs and get in his tail but after the 14-day trial of AgeWell, the excess liquid had resolved and his manure was of normal consistency...this product seemed to improve the hind gut inflammation that was causing this abnormality." 

Alisha Olmstead, DVM

"One of my horses has insect bite hypersensitivity and grass allergies. The inflammation from his allergies was so bad he would chew his forearms raw, and his legs, face and belly would have open sores. I started using LIFELINE in the spring when his problems usually start. For the FIRST time in 10 years I am able to work him during the summer! He is no longer grumpy and itchy!"

Suzanne Andrews, RVT

"We have a sorrel mare with lameness issues, that we could not figure out the problem but after putting her on the product for 2 weeks it removed all the inflammation from her feet and legs and we are back to roping on her daily. Thank You LIFELINE!"

Kevin Winter

"We had an older mare that had slowed down due to joint swelling and discomfort. I was looking for something to help her, so I tried LIFELINE and it has made a real difference for her and she has her old pep back." 

Yvonne Lowas

I had a very ill horse that went back to very light work. After using LIFELINE Equine, I noticed he perked up within a few days. The muscle tone returned quickly on a horse that is hardly working!

Dawn Beasley

We have our 5-year-old Western Pleasure show horse on LIFELINE. After 30 days the difference in him is a wow factor. Coat is awesome, muscle development has increased. Our trainer is amazed, he just looks so much healthier.


After a long, cold, snowy winter, my horse was deconditioned and had lost weight. I started him on LIFELINE in the spring and it helped him to build back muscle and weight.

Mariann T. Jaroszynski

The horses on LIFELINE seem to just flourish. Their attitude, weight, hair coat, and all over healthy-look improved greatly!

Nichole Scott

With LIFELINE Equine, I love the way my barrel horse looks and feels.

Simone Elmore

“After a few weeks on LIFELINE, my foals look and feel great. Two of them are turnarounds. LOVE IT.”


Judy Pryor, Pryor Ranch

"I have two older horses on the LIFELINE product. Ducky and Charlie are both very hard keepers – even feeding them three times a day I couldn’t keep weight on them. They look great now, and are more even-tempered. Even Ducky's problem with heaves has been diminished!"

Here's Ducky before:

And here's Ducky after 14 days on LIFELINE:


Virginia, Irish Run Farms

"Love my new product - immediate change in horses hair coat and with summer starting in FL I have not seen any signs of the heaves that we usually battle annually...great product."

Alice Pope

"I have found that my 18 year old quarter horse gelding feels better and looks better and he seems to move better and not in as much pain…his coat looks shiner too!” 


“I’ve had a hard time getting weight on my horse and making her look good. After 30 days, she looks great, filled out and shined up!”

Jennifer F.

“I have a 5 year old quarter horse mare that has been on LIFELINE for about 45 days…we were at the barn riding one day and everyone was commenting about how good she was looking, more relaxed and really using her body.” 

Kerri Clausman, Waterloo, IA

“My horse's coat is gleaming and shiny after using LIFELINE! He looks like a shiny penny!” 

Joyelle Luedtke

"I fed to my six month old colt…had a hay belly and his coat just looked plain with no shine and within two months he was losing his hay belly and his coat started to shine.”