Stress can be a significant challenge for your performance horse, particularly during event season when the demands of training increase and normal routines are interrupted by travel and competition. You may see obvious signs that your horse isn’t coping well with an ongoing stress challenge—a grumpy mood, unwillingness to train, decreased appetite due to stomach upset. But there’s more to equine stress than meets the eye.

The more complex effects of stress take place in your horse’s gut where immune system cells originate and dwell, ready to fight foreign invaders. When the immune system mistakes stress for an invader it triggers an immune response, just as it would if an infection or injury were present. This immune response then triggers inflammation that can be felt throughout the entire body. When stress-related immune and inflammatory responses go unaddressed they can result in poor performance and health, including:

  • Behavior: Grumpy mood, unwillingness to train, nervousness
  • Appearance: Rough or dull hair coat, lack of optimal body condition
  • Gut: Change in appetite, upset stomach
  • Joints: Occasional soreness from normal exercise
  • Lungs: Breathing & lung issues related to exercise

LIFELINE performance products work because of BioThrive®, the serum-based active ingredient that is proven to help achieve optimal performance and health in horses. 

BioThrive® supports normal immune function so horses can more easily withstand the effects of stress they may encounter. Serum-based bioactive proteins have systemic effects. Therefore, serum proteins may help gut health issues, a rough hair coat, normal aches and pains associated with daily exercise. In addition, serum proteins may be able to help horses that are hard keepers, go off feed easily when stressed or have behavioral issues such as nervousness, grumpiness or being unwilling to work.

A daily dose of active ingredient BioThrive® reduces inflammation associated with normal stress and daily exercise. BioThrive® works to help your horse’s:

  • Gut: Proven to maintain normal intestinal health during periods of stress. Supports the protective layers of the bowel and maintains a healthy GI tract.
  • Joints: Clinically proven to improve stride length and range of motion by easing occasional soreness from daily exercise.
  • Lungs: Supports the normal integrity and function of lungs and helps support stamina and endurance.

The bioactive proteins in BioThrive® keep your horse in a state of optimal health and wellness. Throughout the training and competition season, your horse will be subjected to many types of stress – physical and psychological. BioThrive® helps your horse cope with the effects of these stressors that negatively affect horse performance and health.  Many users have started their horses on LIFELINE when there were no obvious issues, only to experience positive results they did not expect. Visit our Testimonials page to learn how LIFELINE has helped great horses perform even better. 

LIFELINE performance products work fast. Studies have shown that results begin as soon as 14-days

LIFELINE doesn’t contain the typical vitamin, mineral or herbal ingredients you find in so many products. Instead, LIFELINE contains BioThrive®, the serum-based active ingredient that contains important immune factors, immunoglobulins and bioactive proteins. BioThrive® is a potent performance product that works because of a proprietary process that preserves the biologically-active factors present in plasma. The health benefits of the bioactive proteins in plasma have long been established. These bioactive proteins maintain a normal inflammatory response to common stressors that can negatively affect horse performance and health. 


LIFELINE Equine Performance Supplements are made with serum-based active ingredient BioThrive®, which contains important immune factors, immunoglobulins and bioactive proteins. BioThrive® is derived from bovine plasma. They also contain carrier ingredients such as alfalfa meal, molasses and soybean hulls. These carrier ingredients help hold the pellets together and make the product more palatable. For a complete list of ingredients, please view our product labels for LIFELINE Equine Elite and LIFELINE AgeWell.

Yes. LIFELINE Equine performance supplements are backed by solid science. We have completed a stride length study in horses and are awaiting publication of a gut health study in horses. We have over 300 peer-reviewed studies in other species. Consistent results show that anytime animals are under stress, bioactive proteins ease the negative effects of normal stress and help the animal maintain normal, optimal health. For a full list of scientific studies on bioactive proteins, please visit the Scientific Studies page of our website.

Blood plasma contains powerful components that can support and enhance animal health. Plasma is the straw-colored liquid portion of blood that remains after red blood cells, white blood cells and other cellular components are removed. Plasma transports cells and many substances vital to the body and carries out functions including blood clotting and fighting diseases.

Comprised of 90% water, plasma makes up more than half of the volume of blood and also contains salts, enzymes, antibodies and hundreds of different proteins at varying concentrations. Proteins are important component of plasma and 95% of these proteins are albumins and globulins.

When blood plasma is fractionated (separated), fibrinogen is removed to concentrate into powerful bioactive proteins that are preserved in serum. There is substantial scientific research demonstrating the action of orally administered serum-based bioactive proteins. These results are consistent, repeatable and show they support and maintain a normal immune and inflammatory response in animals experiencing stress.

There have been 1,427 proteins identified in serum (including immunoglobulins, transferrins, growth factors and peptides) and with recent advances in analytical techniques the discovery of many more is on the horizon. 

Immunoglobulins are one of the proteins found in serum that has an impact on supporting and enhancing animal health. Globulins make up 38% of blood proteins and consist of a family of proteins that assist in the immune function. Specifically, gamma globulins have an important role in immune function and immunoglobulin G (IgG) is the most prevalent functional fraction of blood plasma. Other immunoglobulins include IgM, IgA, IgD and IgE.

Transferrins are one of the proteins found in serum that has an impact on supporting and enhancing animal health. Transferrins are blood plasma proteins that control the level of iron in biological fluids. Transferrin is also associated with the innate immune system.  

Growth factors are one of the proteins found in serum that has an impact on supporting and enhancing animal health. Serum contains numerous growth factors, like platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), transforming growth factor (TGF), platelet-derived endothelial growth factor (PDEGF), interleukin 1, and insulin-like growth factor (IGF) along with many others. Growth factors act by stimulating different cell mechanisms.


Yes. At LIFELINE, the welfare of horses is top priority. There are more than 300 peer-reviewed studies and published journal articles demonstrating the efficacy and safety of the active ingredients. In addition, accredited university testing concluded that LIFELINE is safe for horses.

LIFELINE equine performance products are show safe. As part of our safety testing, blood and urine samples were sent to an independent accredited university lab for drug testing. The samples were all free of substances banned by racing and showing industries.

LIFELINE Equine performance products are made with natural ingredients but are not intended for human consumption. 


We know there are plenty of finicky horses out there. There are also plenty of horses that will eat anything! Most horses have taken our products without issue. If your horse is finicky, we recommend reducing the initial dose or spreading it out over several days until your horse is used to it.

Visit our Store Locator to see a listing of retailers and Where To Buy page to see online sellers stocking LIFELINE performance products. If your favorite farm/fleet store or tack shop isn't stocking LIFELINE, please talk to the store manager to request the item you're looking for.

There is currently a product called EnteraGam® which uses serum-based technology. EnteraGam® is a medical food prescribed to help people with the clinical dietary management of certain bowel problems. EnteraGam® is required to be used under physician supervision as part of ongoing medical care for a specific condition or disease. Please talk with your Gastroenterologist or Primary Care doctor about getting a prescription.