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NASC Honors APC Consumer Products with Outstanding Achievement Award Shortly before launching their equine products in 2014, APC Consumer Products was determined to qualify for the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Quality Seal. The process involved an audit of... continue reading
Mattias Ekeroth, Top Show Jumping Professional, Joins Team LIFELINE APC, Inc., maker of LIFELINEŽ Equine performance supplements, is pleased to announce its newest addition to Team LIFELINE: Mattias Ekeroth, top show jumping professional. Mattias is a... continue reading

Performance Horses Are Vulnerable to Health Issues

Keep your horse in optimal condition with LIFELINE® Equine Performance Supplements.

Training and competing are stressful. Stress causes your horse’s immune system to spring into action which causes inflammation throughout the body. This can make your horse sore, achy, grumpy, nervous, unwilling to train and just generally unhappy. It can also cause your horse to go off feed, have an upset stomach, or have breathing or stamina challenges.

LIFELINE Equine Performance Supplements help reduce the inflammation associated with normal stress and daily exercise, keeping your horse healthy, happy and ready to train and compete.

LIFELINE Equine Performance Supplements are multisystemic, which means they act on multiple body systems of the horse, maintaining optimal gut, joint and lung health.